Course Design Studio

This program provides a structured opportunity to design or redesign a course with expert guidance from Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) consultants and input from colleagues across campus. During four three-hour sessions, you will engage in activities aimed at facilitating the development of your course, while receiving support that is grounded in evidence-based best practices for course design.

The Course Design Studio typically takes place in early June (registration runs through the month of May). See the table that follows for the spring 2017 schedule.

Session Title Date Time
(Location TBA)
Effective Course Design Practices Friday, June 2 9 a.m. to noon
Goal- and Context-Driven Content Monday, June 5 9 a.m. to noon
Integrating Assessment into Course Design Wednesday, June 7 9 a.m. to noon
The Big Picture: My Whole Course Friday, June 9 9 a.m. to noon
Session Descriptions

Session 1: Effective Course Design Practices
Have you ever wondered what counts as "effective course design"? Join us to explore best practices for course design, and to investigate how your own teaching philosophy and values do and should influence your course design. Leave with a set of learning objectives for your course, along with an emerging picture of the ways in which your learning objectives inform your course content and teaching strategies.

Session 2: Goal- and Context-Driven Content
Who your students are and the skills involved in mastering the content in your class should impact how you approach your design. Join us to explore the nature of alignment in course design, and to examine the skills you plan to teach your students. Leave prepared to layout (or redesign) the chronological presentation of content in your course, marked by careful consideration of contextual issues affecting student learning.

Session 3: Integrating Assessment into Course Design
Join us to learn about effective approaches to both formal and informal assessment. Leave with a draft of your formal assessment plan and new ideas for gathering data about your students' grasp of course content.

Session 4: The Big Picture (My Whole Course)
In this session, we'll consider your course as it has been designed so far. We'll ask questions about your grading structure, your course policies, and the ways in which your course reflects your personal philosophy of teaching. You'll leave with a clear set of next steps in hand and a useful guide for future course (re)design efforts.