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Teaching and Learning Buzz, a monthly podcast from the Center for Teaching and Learning at Georgia Tech, highlights teaching and learning topics important to the Tech community. Each month, we'll talk to campus and visiting experts as we explore challenging questions related to teaching and learning and share practical strategies for helping our students (and colleagues) learn and thrive at Georgia Tech and beyond.

Episode 1 Grading Practices at Georgia Tech and Beyond with Special Guest Dr. Al Ferri
Carol and Rebecca share student perceptions of how grading practices at Tech impact their learning and academic wellbeing and then delve into three different types of grading strategies - traditional, norm-based, and mastery-based. Dr. Al Ferri, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education and Professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, joins us to look at the research he's done on grading practices, his evolving perspective on his own grading, and the ways he works with faculty now to (re)consider their practices for better student learning and engagement.

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Episode 2 Faculty's Role in Students' Academic Wellbeing with Special Guest Dean Steve McLaughlin

In Episode 2 of the Georgia Tech Center for Teaching and Learning podcast, Carol and Rebecca chat with Dr. Steve McLaughlin, Professor, Dean, and Southern Company Chair of the College of Engineering and co-writer of the Inside Higher Ed Opinion message of “A Friend at the Front of the Room”, to discuss his commitment to Georgia Tech students' mental health and how it is affected by their class environments. They also explore how faculty can become more involved in the facilitation of student mental health by creating a welcoming, but still rigorous, academic environment in their classrooms and offices. Check out the episode! 

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