Permit Request Fall 2022

Thank you for your interest in registering for CETL 8713 or CETL 8717 in Fall 2022!

Please note: permits are not automatically set after the form is submitted. Rather, permit requests will be reviewed by CTL faculty and awarded on a weekly basis beginning Monday, April 25. Phase 1 registration runs from April 11 through May 20.

To be considered for a course permit, please complete the following form.

Please read the requirements below before you request your permit:

CETL 8713 Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and CETL 8717 Course Design for Higher Education
Preference for these courses is given to members of Tech to Teaching. Additional students may enroll as space is available. New participants interested in joining Tech to Teaching should begin by completing the interest form.

CETL 8718 Teaching Capstone
The capstone is open only to Tech to Teaching members who have completed the foundation level learning outcomes. You do not need to submit this permit form. If you are ready for your capstone, complete the Tech to Teaching capstone application form.

Terms of the CETL Graduate Course Permit Process
  • Students must meet all of the course requirements for any course they request a permit for. 
  • When a permit is issued, the student should receive an email.  However, students must use OSCAR as their confirmation that the permit has been issued. The permit will appear in OSCAR.
  • CTL receives a large volume of permit requests, and all permits are processed manually by a person (not automatically and immediately by a computer), so the process takes time. See the CTL permit schedule posted at the top of this form.
  • Permits allow the student to register for the course (if open). It is the student's responsibility to register for desired courses in OSCAR after receiving the permit. A permit does not obligate the student to take the course.
  • OSCAR reports the number of available seats, not the number of available permits -- if you see seats open on OSCAR as registration approaches, please understand that other students might already be holding permits to register for those seats.
  • Students choose to enroll in CETL 8713, CETL 8717, and CETL 8718 as graded or pass/fail. If the course is to be used toward the doctoral minor in higher education, the course must be graded. 

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