Plan, Design, Develop and Implement Videos for Your Class

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Session Details and Schedule


The 3-part workshop is facilitated by: Rui Hu, Center for Teaching and Learning & Alison Valk, Georgia Tech Library

You can attend all parts or join as you are able. Please click each day below to view their details: 

Day 1: Plan, Design, Develop & Implement Videos for Your Class: Monday, 10/18, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm EDT


Facilitators: Rui Hu, Center for Teaching and Learning & Alison Valk, Georgia Tech Library

When you create videos for your class, there are many factors to consider. What topics do you want to develop? What is your timeline? What elements do you want to include in the video? What resources are available to support your efforts? … In this workshop, we will discuss strategies you can use to analyze your needs. We will then move to the actual design of your video. You’ll consider the visual elements, instructional activities, and content structure. You will choose a topic for your video, then create a storyboard for your video. Finally, we will consider the implementation of the videos, including the publication channel or platform and schedule, as well as the instructional activities surrounding the videos. By the end of the workshop, participants will have an action plan for their video development.

Day 2: Get to Know the Teaching Studio and Multimedia Scholarship Space: Monday, 10/25, 10:30 am -12:00 pm EDT


Facilitators: Alison Valk, Georgia Tech Library & Rui Hu, Center for Teaching and Learning

Whether you want to record your PowerPoint presentation or record an interview or demonstration with subject matter experts, the Teaching Studio has the right space and tools for you. Join this tour and learn what types of videos you can develop with the Video Capture Space and the Greenscreen Studio—then learn how to use this technology, as well.  


Day 3: Develop a Video for Your Class: Tuesday, 11/02, 1:00 pm -5:00 pm EDT


Facilitators: Alison Valk, Georgia Tech Library & Rui Hu, Center for Teaching and Learning

Now that you have chosen your video topic and have a basic storyboard, it is time to develop your video! In preparation for this workshop, facilitators will send out a sign-up link for each participant to choose one time slot and one location (either Capture Space or the Greenscreen Studio). With guidance from on-site experts, you will get an opportunity to learn by doing, as you record a video and learn basic editing and production techniques. You can create a video from scratch or use existing media with editing techniques. Facilitators invite participants to pair up and work together on a project if they so wish.

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