Engaging Students Online

Resources for the Engaging Students Online Session

Before the Session

Download a worksheet (Word document)  before the session starts:  

Please use this worksheet to take notes and craft your student engagement plan during the session.

During the Session

Breakout Session Instructions:  

  1. Choose ONE topic for your group discussion: 
    • Learner-content interaction
    • Learner-learner interaction
    • Learner-instructor interaction
  2. Assign a role to each member of your group:
    • Facilitator
    • Recorder
    • Time Keeper
    • Reporter
  3. Discuss and come up with 1-3 strategies to facilitate the interaction you chose. Post and share your group's ideas at bit.ly/engage-post 

​We will bring you back to the main room by 9:50 AM!

After the Session


  1. Visit the Technologies and Strategies page to learn about the technologies and strategies we discussed during the session and recommended resources.
  2. Visit the Teaching with Technology Resources page for more details about the resources you can import into your courses from Canvas Commons. 

Accessibility Information

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