Fall Teaching Kickoff 2019

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Please register below and join us as we gather together for a series of interactive workshops and roundtable discussions aimed at getting you geared up and ready for the first day of class. This year's event takes place on Monday, August 12th in the Clough Undergraduate Commons (CULC). Please register below to attend all day, or to join us as you are able.

Workshop Descriptions


Syllabus Clinic for New Instructors
9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., CULC 102
Research shows that the way your syllabus is constructed can affect your students’ ability to learn in your class. In addition, making decisions about specific course policies is often a matter of being clear on university-wide rules, then balancing tradeoffs based on your context and style. We invite you to join us, along with a draft of your syllabus, to receive guidance and feedback as you get it ready for the first day of class.
Facilitated by:
Dr. Carol Subiño Sullivan, Assistant Director, Faculty Teaching & Learning Initiatives,
Center for Teaching and Learning
Creating Conditions for Well-Being in Georgia Tech’s Learning Environments
11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., CULC 102
Students arrive at Georgia Tech expecting to flourish--most are learners who typically have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not long into the term, however, these same students experience high levels of stress; they question their ability to “deliver” and wonder about their “fit” at Georgia Tech.  
In response to issues of student well-being, Georgia Tech, like many of our peer institutions, is creating new units dedicated to our students’ health. While these units provide essential expertise in social, physical and psychological support for students, their focus seldom addresses the impact of pedagogy or learning environments on students. Research indicates, however, that faculty and the choices we make about classroom culture, course design, assignments, and assessment have the potential to make a significant contribution to student well-being.  
Within the context of teaching and learning, what fosters well-being in learners? What conditions are present in a learning environment that promote student well-being? Join your colleagues to explore course policies and teaching strategies that support student learning and well-being--and share your own experiences as well. Working together, we hope to develop a toolkit that can be used by Georgia Tech instructional staff across the disciplines.
Facilitated by:
Dr. David Lawrence, Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Smarter Feedback: Providing Enhanced Feedback through Digital Technology
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., CULC 102
When it comes to providing feedback through digital means, Georgia Tech has no shortage of tools that instructors can leverage to deliver feedback to their students. The challenge becomes selecting the tools that will work best for your class and determining how to utilize its features to their fullest so that you can focus on creating quality feedback that is enhanced by technology rather than hampered by it. Join us in this session where we will discuss the various types of feedback you can provide and explore a variety of digital tools you can use to optimize your time while providing students with the most engaging feedback possible.
You are encouraged to bring a laptop to this session (though it's not required).
Facilitated by:
Dr. Vincent Spezzo, Learning & Technology Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning
Graduating Global Citizens: A Roundtable Discussion
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.​, CULC 127
Achieving Georgia Tech’s strategic goal of graduating good global citizens is far from an easy proposition. As our current government steps away from international agreements and denies the results of the scientific community, how can we encourage our students to create solutions to global grand challenges? In the face of political pressure to prioritize national interests above all, how can we empower our students to maintain a sense of global responsibility? And, when a portion of public rhetoric explosively asserts white supremacy, how can we use our classrooms to help students seek diversity and develop the skills necessary to deftly navigate cultural contexts?
We at Georgia Tech can be proud of our exceptionally high rate of study abroad participation and our signature programs across colleges. Because 60% of our undergraduates come from Georgia, however, it’s possible for our Atlanta-based students to never experience global perspectives. What more might we intentionally do to prepare our students to live and work in a globalized and culturally diverse world?
We invite you to join the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Office of International Education for a roundtable discussion of how we can foster the development of good global citizens in our on-campus courses. We welcome your ideas as we envision our next steps!
Facilitated by:
Ms. Amy Henry, Executive Director, Office of International Education
Dr. Carol Subiño Sullivan, Assistant Director, Faculty Teaching and Learning Initiatives
Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Questions? Please email ctlhelp@gatech.edu.

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