Spring 2022 Fundamentals in Teaching and Learning for Post-Docs

Each spring, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers a 10-week course exclusively for Georgia Tech postdoctoral scholars, focused on preparing you to teach in higher education. This non-credit course allows you to discuss and explore principles of effective teaching grounded in research about how people learn and who our students are. You will have the chance to explore how learning works, develop course materials in line with principles of good teaching practices, and engage with research on teaching and learning in a way that will inform your future work as an educator.

By the end of the course, you should be able to synthesize your experiences and views into a statement of teaching philosophy that can be used for future professional activities (e.g., on the academic job market) and engage in teaching from an informed and educated perspective. The course is not for credit and open to postdoctoral scholars only. Completing the course and submitting the associated learning outcome assignments will satisfy all ten foundation-level learning outcomes in Tech to Teaching.

Course Content

Week Topic/Tech to Teaching Learning Outcome
1 Welcome & Introductions

F1. Explain How People Learn

F1.1 Describe teaching methods that promote knowledge retention, transfer, and mastery


F1. Explain How People Learn

F1.2 Analyze discipline-specific scholarship of teaching and learning literature


F2. Identify and Explain Learner Differences and Motivation

F2.1 Describe strategies for motivating students with different goals


F2. Identify and Explain Learner Differences and Motivation

F2.2 Describe strategies for creating an inclusive classroom

F5. Integrate Education Technology with Effective Teaching

F5.2 Explain universal principles of design for learning (UDL)


F4. Develop a plan for assessing teaching and learning

F4.1. Write specific and measurable learning objectives

F4.2. Describe and develop methods for measuring learning objectives


F3. Identify and explain evidence-based teaching

F3.1 Describe and develop evidence-based teaching methods and learning activities


F3. Identify and explain evidence-based teaching

F3.2 Describe and develop methods for formative assessment of student learning


F5. Integrate Education Technology with Effective Teaching

F5.1 Explain effective uses of technology in teaching and learning

10 Closing Session | Your Next Steps
Tech to Teaching

Participants can use this postdoc course towards achieving the foundation level of Tech to Teaching. If you elect to complete Tech to Teaching, you will have a few small assignments to complete during the semester to demonstrate your accomplishment of each learning outcome (e.g., respond to a case study about student motivation), but each will pair nicely with content discussed in our sessions and should not require much additional work. In order to count the postdoc series toward Tech to Teaching, you must submit the Tech to Teaching interest form as you begin the series. If you are not sure, more information about the certificate will be given at our first seminar meeting.


Questions? Contact Dr. Tammy M. McCoy at tammy.mccoy@gatech.edu.

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