Teaching and Learning Buzz Episode 3 Supporting Student Learning

In episode 3 of the Teaching and Learning Buzz podcast, Carol and Rebecca sit down with Dr. Susan Blum, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, and keynote speaker at the January 2020 Georgia Tech Retreat on Exploring Effective Teaching (GTREET). In this wide ranging conversations, we talk about how Susan's research moved from culture in China to student plagiarism and motivation, ways that traditional structures and practices in higher education can constrain learning, and the impact of innovative grading strategies can be use to improve the learning environment. Check out the episode on Soundcloud and see below for a transcript and show notes.

Transcript (PDF)

Show Notes

  • “I Love Learning, I Hate School”A book in which Dr. Blum compares formal and informal educations and how our learning environments affect us. 

  • GTREET: A biennial event where the Center for Teaching and Learning help Georgia Tech faculty explore new and creative ways to employ effective teaching in the classroom.  

  • Madeline Levine, PhD: A psychologist who studies the effects of formal education environments on students.  

  • Alice Miller, PhD: A Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst, well-known for her research on childhood trauma, and author of The Drama of the Gifted Child.  

  • The Drama of the Gifted Child: Alice Miller’s book about the long-term effects of repressed anger and trauma in childhood. 

  • Gaokao: The college entrance exam held annually in China as a prerequisite for entrance into nearly all higher education institutions.  

  • Constance Cappel, PhD: Former professor at the University of Lodz and University of Warsaw, and author of Utopian Colleges   

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