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Spring 2020

Fall 2019
Spring 2019
Fall 2018
  • Leveraging Canvas to Create Engaging Learning Experiences: With the introduction of Canvas as a new learning platform at Georgia Tech, instructors have the opportunity to rethink new ways of leveraging technologies to support effective teaching and student engagement. Canvas has many potential options and knowing how to get the most out of them will help you become more efficient and effective in teaching. Join us in this session to explore feasible strategies that you could implement in using Canvas to create engaging learning experiences beyond the classroom. 
  • Teaching with Technology: This workshop is offered to participants of the Tech to Teaching program. It provides an overview of how to use different technologies in classroom and online to create engaging learning experiences. It also explores the best practices for applying these technologies in teaching and learning.

Customized Workshops

We design customized workshops to address an academic unit's specific needs for teaching with technology. We can work with your unit to define the topic, identify current best practices for using the technology of your interest, and conducting workshops to explore its application in teaching and learning. Please send your inquiries to Chaohua Ou to discuss your customized workshop needs.

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