In this video, we recognize the 2020-2021 GT Fellows and hear, in their own words, what they gained from participating in this program.

Kera Allen
History and Sociology

Kera is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the School of History and Sociology (HSOC). Her research interests include computer history with a focus on race, gender, business technology, and the adoption of early personal computers. She has worked as a technical writer and instructor in the software industry and as an instructor at a science camp for children ages 5-10. Kera completed the Tech to Teaching program and the HSOC Teaching Apprenticeship Program and has been a teaching assistant and co-teacher for introductory and upper level courses in sociology and interdisciplinary studies. She has developed and independently taught courses on Gender and Technology and Race and Ethnicity. As students come from a variety of backgrounds and have different situations outside of the classroom due to work and home situations, she hopes to identify methods to engage students in class to learn and apply course material.

Paloma Casteleira Costa
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Paloma is a third-year PhD student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her research is focused on designing and optimizing optical microscopy systems paired with computer vision techniques for the analysis of biomedical tissues and samples. She completed her BS degree at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), during which she was a tutor and international mentor. As soon as she arrived to Georgia Tech for her MS degree, she learned she could be a TA and ever since she has completed 6 semesters of TA for various courses and one as the Instructor of Record of CETL8000, for which she received the departmental graduate teaching award. As a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Paloma works with the CTL faculty development team in developing programs and opportunities for faculty to continue to innovate in their teaching techniques and enhance the learning experience of all Georgia Tech students.

Terri Dunbar

Terri is a sixth-year PhD student in the School of Psychology. Her fields of research include the neurodynamics of team learning, education in systems thinking, new methodologies in team research, and computerized text analysis. Terri has several semesters of teaching experience as an instructor of record for human factors psychology, a lab instructor for research methods in psychology and statistics in psychology, and a teaching assistant for cognitive psychology and general psychology. Terri has served as a GTA in CTL for three years. As a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Terri planned and facilitated a nationwide online learning community to support the CIRTL Introduction to Online Teaching MOOC.

Ana María Estrada Gómez
Industrial and Systems Engineering​

Ana María is a fifth-year PhD student in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is interested in the analysis of high-dimensional complex data for systems’ modeling and monitoring, using statistical learning tools. Ana María completed her undergraduate degree at la Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), where she was a teaching assistant for 6 semesters. Her passion for teaching started when she taught the practice sessions for Calculus II. At Tech, she has been a teaching assistant for 6 semesters.  As a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Ana María created a workshop on effective teaching and learning in remote and hybrid courses for graduate students teaching in ISYE.

Leonardo Garcia Bottia
Building Construction

Leo is a fourth-year Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Building Construction with a background and degrees in architecture, structural engineering, and construction. Leo’s research aims to make the information transfer across these disciplines more efficient and integrated through Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards, particularly for Cast-in-Place Reinforced Concrete structures. Leo’s teaching experience goes back 8 years through as teaching assistant, instructor of complimentary sessions, co-instructor, and instructor of record, serving classes between 3 and 90 students. As a GTF, Leo has developed an affinity for  Universal Design for Learning, creating workshops and other resources on this topic.

Markace Rainey
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Markace has served as a teaching assistant in both the School of Mathematics and the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry. As a GTF, Markace is interested in supporting the TA awards program, including how schools train and celebrate their graduate student teaching staff. 

Julian Rose
Biomedical Engineering

Julian Rose is a PhD Student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University. His current research interests focus on the development of therapeutic approaches for the central nervous system using ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging. Through tracking and functionalizing cells and nanoparticles, his goal is to improve and personalize strategies for regeneration and repair in the central nervous system. As a former employee of GT Student Diversity Programs, Julian used storytelling and photojournalism to highlight the diverse identities and experiences on campus. Julian is trained as a Brave Space facilitator, he is also a founding organizer of The People’s Saturday School. As an alum of Teach For America and community organizer, Julian plans to use his training to become a biomedical researcher capable to tackling complex problems, especially health and educational disparities.

Andrew Schulz
Mechanical Engineering

Andrew is a third year PhD student in the field of Mechanical Engineering. His research areas include studying elephant trunk to gain inspiration for more advanced robotics and materials. Andrew’s collegiate experience with teaching and learning began as an undergraduate student at Oklahoma State as a mathematics tutor. Andrew is currently instructor of record for two Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) courses at Georgia Tech focused on teaching Georgia Tech students how to apply their degrees towards public health and wildlife conservation. This spring, Andrew completed the Tech to Teaching certificate and was elected president of a new organization on campus GaTech4Wildlife. As a GTF, Andrew created a module to onboard TAs serving in VIP courses, developed a student opinion survey to capture student feedback in these courses, and launched an awards program for VIP TAs.

Tongyang Yang

Tongyang is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the school of Economics. Her research interests include international trade-related topics such as the socioeconomic impact of trade liberalization and the duration of trade. She is also interested in interdisciplinary research that combines big data and economic analysis. During her time at Tech, Tongyang served 6 semesters as a Teaching Assistant with over 10 courses; co-taught undergraduate-level Principal of Microeconomics. Tongyang looks forward to being a faculty member after finishing PhD degree. As a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Tongyang created standardized teaching guides for four undergraduate courses, launched a Canvas portal, and hosted a departmental seminar on effective teaching.

Yushuo Yang

Yushuo is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the School of Economics. His research interests include industrial organization, transportation economics, and topics of airport and airline. Yushuo has been serving as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for eight courses in six semesters. His TA experience covers undergraduate level, Master level, and Ph.D. level courses. As a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Yushuo will partner with CTL faculty to design and deliver CTL workshops.

Angela Yoo​

Angela is a sixth-year PhD student in the School of Psychology. Her research interests include both formal and informal learning experiences, nonprofit workplaces and technologies, and educational advocacy and social impact. Before starting her graduate studies, Angela spent over a decade working in education and education-related nonprofits. She has been a classroom teacher, museum educator, and nonprofit manager. She continues her service activities as a volunteer ESL teacher for refugees at the International Rescue Committee. During her time at Tech, she has served as a teaching assistant for a variety of undergraduate psychology courses and has co-developed and facilitated a psychology summer camp for high school students in partnership with the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics & Computing (CEISMC). As a GT Fellow and a founding member of the College of Science Graduate Student Diversity Council, she hopes to assess the needs of instructors and TAs in creating more accessible courses and help to provide the appropriate resources and support.