Teaching Assistant Orientation

Are you a new International TA who was unable to attend TA Development Academy? Join us for International TA Orientation on Friday, August 26 from 2pm to 3pm in Klaus 1116 E&W to learn about the TA role at Georgia Tech and typical expectations of students and faculty in the US-American classroom. Connect with other international TAs and learn about the ITA Program from the Center for Teaching and Learning!

Graduate teaching assistants (GTA) and undergraduate teaching assistants (UTA) are an important part of Georgia Tech's ability to create and deliver a successful learning environment. This role is so important, in fact, that the USG Board of Regents requires all new TAs to complete training. The Center for Teaching and Learning provides Institute-wide training for new TAs; each school/department might have additional requirements to help new TAs prepare for the role. 

Institute-wide TA Training through TA Orientation (TAO)

TA Orientation consists of two parts. New TAs are expected to complete a set of asynchronous training modules on Canvas prior to beginning your TA position. In addition, all TAs are invited to attend the TA Development Academy that is held at the start of each semester.

Note: These TAs are trained through other resources:

  • If your school offers CETL 8000 TA Training for GTAs or CETL 2000 TA Training for UTAs, you will complete your TA training through that course. The schools that offer these courses include: Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and the College of Computing. Check with your TA coordinator to learn more about enrolling in the appropriate course.
  • If you are a TA for an Online Masters of Science (OMS) course, scroll down or click here to access the GT TA Training information for your program.


TA TRAINING MODULES in CANVAS: Complete by Friday, August 26 

The Institute-wide training requirement for new GTAs and UTAs is satisfied by completing these seven asynchronous modules in the GT TA Training Canvas course. Returning TAs who have previously completed training do not need to repeat this course.

Module 1: What you should know about FERPA
Module 2: What you should know about Disability Services
Module 3: What you should know about Academic Integrity
Module 4: What you should know about Online Communication
Module 5: What you should know about Grading
Module 6: What you should know about Inclusive Teaching
Module 7: Canvas Tips for TAs



TA DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY: In person on Friday, August 19th
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Clough Commons, Atlanta Campus 

Check-in and breakfast between 7:45 a.m. and 8:10 a.m.

New and returning GTAs and UTAs are invited to participate in the TA Development Academy. Workshop topics will include:

1. Grading techniques to increase fairness and save time 
2. Supporting student wellbeing
3. Teaching in multiple settings -- office hours, recitation, studio and lab
4. Adjusting to a new academic culture for international TAs
5. Communicating effectively with students and faculty
...... And more!

Due to the interactive nature of this program, the TA Development Academy will be offered in-person only.

Participants who submit a short reflective essay will earn a digital badge signifying your completion of the TA Development Academy.

TA Training and Development for OMS TAs

Training for Online Masters of Science (OMS) TAs is contained in a separate Canvas shell in order to address specific aspects of this teaching and learning environment. OMS TAs will complete the following five modules to satisfy the Institute-wide TA training requirement:

Core Module 1: What you should know about FERPA
Core Module 2: What you should know about Disability Services
Core Module 3: What you should know about Academic Integrity
Core Module 4: What you should know about Online Communication
Core Module 5: Technology and Platform Training

Each of these modules concludes with a short knowledge quiz. Score 80% or higher on each quiz to satisfy the asynchronous TA Orientation requirement. Note: if you remove yourself from the Canvas course, CTL will not be able to verify your participation for your school/department.

In the GT TA Training and Development (OMS) Canvas course, you will find two optional (but highly recommended!) asynchronous modules:

Developmental Module: What You Should Know About Grading
Developmental Module: What You Should Know About Regular and Substantive Interaction

SELF-ENROLL in GT TA Training for OMS TAs


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