Tech to Teaching Capstone Application

The capstone experience to the Tech to Teaching certificate program is only available to program participants who have successfully completed the foundations level of the Tech to Teaching program. The capstone requires students to have arranged a mentored teaching experience, which might include co-teaching a course, developing a workshop series in your department, or serving as instructor of record and delivering your own course.

You may register for 1-hour of academic credit through CETL 8719 or elect the non-credit option if you do not want to earn academic credit. The teaching arrangements must be made prior to registering for the capstone. Contact the Tech to Teaching program faculty if you need assistance arranging a teaching opportunity.

In addition to teaching or co-teaching, all capstone participants must be part of a cohort that meets regularly throughout the experience. These sessions are used for peer feedback and additional exploration of teaching and learning topics of interest. The cohort requirement can be fulfilled through participation in the CTL capstone cohort or through a department-sponsored cohort. Departments with cohorts may include: Psychology, ECE, ME, BME, AE. Participants in departmental cohorts will still receive feedback on teaching from CTL faculty.
Which department/school cohort will you join?
Status and Experience
The teaching mentor is usually someone from your home department. You will also be assigned a CTL faculty member as a teaching mentor.
This course meets for one hour per week. The final course schedule will be announced at the beginning of the term. Please check all options that possibly work with your schedule.

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