The Tech to Teaching program is designed to prepare Georgia Tech graduate students and postdocs for college teaching positions. Participants will develop a pedagogical approach that leverages a thorough understanding of evidence-based teaching with reflection on mentored teaching practice.

To learn more, self-enroll in the Tech to Teaching Canvas site, review the "Welcome" module and then submit the registration form at the end of that module to join the program. Membership is reserved for Georgia Tech graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

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Foundation Level

The foundation level is organized around 10 learning outcomes clustered around five themes. Participants satisfy the foundation level requirements through a variety of academic courses, workshops, and/or online resources.

5 learning outcomes

Capstone Level

After completing the foundation level, participants teach or co-teach a course for the teaching capstone, meeting regularly with teaching mentors and their capstone cohort to reflect on their teaching experience.

Benefits of Participating

Participants develop valuable knowledge and skills to apply to future professional endeavors. While about 75% of our alumni go on to tenure or non-tenure track faculty positions, teaching skills are transferrable to opportunities in other industries.

Because our program goals align with those of the CIRTL Network, you will earn a CIRTL Associate certificate upon completion of the foundation level. The full Tech to Teaching certificate is achieved after the capstone level. Both certificates are awarded annually at TA and Future Faculty Awards Day.

In addition to the printed certificate, participants can request a letter of recommendation detailing their accomplishments in the program. Finally, graduate students completing the coursework pathway (CETL 8713, CETL 8717, and CETL 8718) may work with their advisor to apply those courses toward a minor in higher education.

Capstone Mentors

The Tech to Teaching program collaborates with academic units across Georgia Tech to support graduate student teaching development.  

All capstone participants obtain a teaching mentor in their discipline to provide feedback and support during their teaching practice. We invite capstone mentors to reach out to CTL faculty to learn more.

Info for Faculty Mentors

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Participant Reflections

Approximately 600 participants have engaged in the Tech to Teaching program since 2016. Here are some of their reflections.

  • Vikrant Kamble
    Vikrant Kamble
    2021 Alum
  • Katherine Young
    Katherine Young
    2021 Alum
  • Evan Mallen
    Evan Mallen
    2019 Alum
  • Sidni Justus
    Sidni Justus
    2019 Alum
  • Adam Caparco​
    Adam Caparco
    2020 Alum
  • Olga Churkina
    Olga Churkina
    2023 Alum
  • Laura Stoy​
    Laura Stoy
    2021 Alum
  • Rafegh Aghamohammadi​
    Rafegh Aghamohammadi
    2021 Alum
  • Bilal Iftikhar
    Bilal Iftikhar
    2021 Alum
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