Hesburgh Award Teaching Fellows

The Hesburgh Award Teaching Fellows experience is designed to bring together mid-career and senior faculty who have demonstrated strength in the classroom and are interested in working on initiatives that further enhance student learning. This is an "invitation" program that is an honor for those on campus who are already successful in their careers and who have the potential of providing leadership in teaching and learning to their colleagues as well.

Who's eligible?
Tenured professors (associate and above)

When does the program take place?
August to November (Fall semester)

How do I apply?
Membership is established by a combination of nomination, recruitment, and schedule compatibility. If you are interested in participating in this cohort, please speak with your department chair or a former Hesburgh Fellow and request that they nominate you for the experience.

What resources are available?
Financial support will be available to support the group's main initiative (e.g., buying equipment/supplies, disseminating information about the project, etc.).

What am I committing to?
We will meet weekly for one hour and a half during the Fall semester to conceive of, develop, and implement our teaching initiative.

How is the program funded?
The program was piloted in 1998 and institutionalized in 1999 with proceeds from the Hesburgh Award, which is given by TIAA-CREF.

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