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Thank you for your interest in our summer 4-day Teaching with Technology Summer Institute; “Practicing Mindfulness in Teaching with Technology
2022 Teaching with Technology Summer Institute


The summer institute offers 4-days (6/27-6/30 from 9 am-noon) of virtual sessions, facilitated by the learning technology professionals from the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Georgia Tech Professional Education, the Office of Information Technology, and Center for 21st Century Universities. Each day is focused on understanding your relationship and usage of educational technologies and creating a mindful implementation plan for the next new tool you introduce to your course. 

Session Details and Schedule

Day 1 (6/27) - A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Location: Virtual via Zoom

We will focus on the initial steps necessary to ensure your next journey in Teaching with Technology has a good foundation and that you are ready to explore new educational technologies with a view for mindfulness.

During this day we will;

  • Explore the concept of mindfulness in teaching with technology
  • Re-examine our past experiences with educational technology
  • Begin to identify what we value in technology and how it aligns with our teaching
  • Discuss the various foundational concepts for integrating technology into the classroom
Day 2 (6/28) – Finding Your Technology Focus

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Invited campus-wide speakers will show off some of the latest tools available and ready for you to explore (such as Zoom, Ed Discussion, Annoto, Perusall, and more).  After viewing some of the latest technology to get excited about, we’ll ask you to pick just 1 tool to focus on (either one of the featured tools or another you already want to explore) and give you time to join our speakers in small groups to ask questions and explore the technology of your choice in more detail.

During this day we will;

  • Learn about some of the newer tools available on campus
  • Explore in detail a technology you want to use in your classroom
  • Identify resources to learn more about the tool and aid in planning implementation of the technology into your next course
Day 3 (6/29) - Plan to Succeed

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Now that you’ve selected a new technology you want to add to your course, it’s time to create a mindful implementation plan. During day 3 we will focus on talking through the various planning questions you should ask yourself when implementing a new tool to ensure meaningful tool usage and success.

During this day we will;

  • Start at the beginning with questions on what we need to have in place before the course begins
  • Discuss the various individuals/groups that using this tool will impact
  • Plan for challenges that may occur during the semester
  • Strategize how we will reflect on our experience and assess the implementation at the end of the semester
Day 4 (6/30) - Share Your Plan and Build a Community

Location: Virtual via Zoom

On this final day, we will conclude by inviting our campus speakers back and by giving you an opportunity for you to share your plans with your peers and technology experts.  We will learn from each other and work to make our implementation plans the best they can be.  Afterwards, we’ll hear some tips for continuing the conversation and give time for you to discuss staying in touch with those peers who may be exploring the same tools that you are.

During this day we will;

  • Present our plans to each other
  • Give and receive feedback on our plans
  • Form connections with peers and create lasting communities or networks around the new technology you plan on implementing

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