Inviting someone into your class to observe you teach gives you the chance to receive feedback from an objective source. Teaching observations can be a source of specific information about your teaching effectiveness. They can also provide you with insight into areas for growth, and can serve as a way to help you respond to specific challenges you are facing in your class.

Click on the links below for more guidance on best practices for observing and being observed by your peers. See the sidebar for tools you or your observer might use to complete the process.

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Observation Timing

Who Should Observe Me Teach?

Steps for an Effective Teaching Observation

Characteristics of Effective Feedback

Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (COPUS)


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  • Pick someone you can trust to be honest and constructive;
  • Focus your observation by using tools like the ones provided above;
  • Aim to understand what is working (and why);
  • Identify specific changes to implement, in response to your observer's feedback.
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